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Fukamushi Sencha Lemongrass Morning Green Tea, Organic


*Fukamushi (foo-kah-moo-she) is “deeply steamed” in Japanese

*The Steaming Method Releases the Bright and Complex Sweetness of Umami from the Green Tea Leaf

*Special Blend Enhances Your Mood and Gives You More Energy

*Grown in full sun for more Catechin’s

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Ingredients: Organic Fukamushi Sencha Green Tea, Organic Calendula, Organic Lemongrass


Hot:  Brew 1 heaping tsp. tea leaves with 8 oz hot water (170º F) for 5 minutes.

Iced:  For instructions on how to make a delicious cold brew click here

Net Weight: 40g/1.4 oz (Makes about 15 to 20 – 8 oz cups)

Storage: After use reseal bag with a clip getting out as much air as possible storing in a cool dry place away from any direct sunlight. For more information on storage click here.

While this may be called a “morning tea”, you’ll want to enjoy it all throughout the day as a healthy and delicious pick-me-up that will leave you wanting more. 


It has a medium-bodied liquor with deep – yet delicate – notes of dewy sea grasses, umami, light vegetal and green tea notes; like warm, roasted nuts and fresh, steamed spinach; then bright hints of a herbaceous citrus finishes the sip with a light, satiny mouthfeel.  


The aroma of the dry leaves is fresh but warm, like a summer morning; laying floral notes over dew-kissed grass, and hints of lemonade. It is inviting and familiar. The aroma of the wet leaves is herbaceous, with a happy, lemony lift; and fresh undertones of breezy, sea air. 


The tea leaves are pretty and bright, and lift the mood with their distinctive, yellow and light-orange flower petals; reminiscent of dandelions in the sun. Strands of lemongrass, and deep, jade-green sencha leaves add a satisfying contrast to the complexity of textures and tones. The color of the liquor is a transparent, greenish-yellow that is bright and beautiful. It’s a truly lovely, golden glow to start your day with. 


Green tea being a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, this healthful Sencha imparts anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and bio anti-cancer properties; as well as supporting a healthy immune system. It aids in weight loss, and is a rich source of L-theanine; a natural relaxant that helps balance the stimulating effects of caffeine for a focused energy that helps both during the day and later in the evening, when you need a boost without feeling jittery.   


Havarti, Brie or Smoked Blue Cheese, French or Thai Cuisine

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