*Genmaicha Loose Leaf, coated with Genmaicha Powder

*Popcorn like Aroma with Nutty Taste

*Aromatic, Earthy Flavor

*Pairs well with Asian Meals and Sweets



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Product Description

Ingredients: Organic Japanese Genmaicha Loose Leaf, Organic Japanese Genmaicha Powder

Genmaicha is pronounced “g-en-my-cha.”  Our Genmaicha loose leaf tea is coated with Genmaicha powder to steep full-bodied tea with satisfying flavor and aroma in just minutes.  Genmaicha powder is a blend of our authentic Japanese organic sencha green tea and organic toasted brown rice, just as our other wonderful green teas.  Genmaicha tastes like a green tea with a nutty note of toasted popcorn. The rich, earthy flavor goes well with Asian meals and sweets.

Comparison between Genmaicha loose leaf and Genmaicha powder:  If you like a clear, fresh flavor, Genmaicha loose leaf is for you.  If you like a savory, richer flavor, you will enjoy Genmaicha powder.

Preparation:  Steep 1 heaping tsp. in 8 oz hot water (170° F) for 2 to 3 minutes.

Net Weight:100g/3.5 oz (Makes about 50 – 8 oz cups)

Storage: After use reseal bag with a clip getting out as much air as possible storing in a cool dry place away from any direct sunlight. For more information on storage click here.

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