Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Happy Heart Chai Spice 60g pouch


– Made with real, simple, pure ingredients

– Turn an ordinary tea into a full-bodied, spice-filled flavor

– Enjoyable as a functional, flavorful topping for tea and dessert

– Great for baked goods

– 100% certified organic

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HappyHeart™ or “Spiced Tea” is our house blend of organic spices for tea and latte. Naturally caffeine-free, the spices create a warming & soothing effect when added to your favorite tea. This delicious blend adds health-promoting properties, including heart health. Thus, named HappyHeart™.

Herbs and spices fight inflammation because each one is rich in unique phytochemicals, which contribute to improving the natural health defense system we already have in the body.

Another benefit of adding HappyHeart Chai to your tea: It makes it easier to reduce less healthy and/or high-calorie ingredients, such as sugar, because it is so flavorful.

Ingredients: Cardamom* Ginger* Cinnamon* Nutmeg* Cloves* White pepper* (*organic)

Suggested use: Add ¼ to ½ tsp. HappyHeart™ to your favorite tea, including Edible Green® tea and Matcha. It’s also great to add to lattes and baked goods. Try with your favorite steamed milk or sweetener to create a full-bodied, spice-filled flavor, and enjoy a wonderful sense of well-being.

Net Weight: 60g / 2.1 oz

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What I like about HappyHeart™ Chai:

“I liked everything about this product. A little goes a long way.” Tasha

“It can be added to anything! I LOVE it in my matcha! It’s perfect for winter.” Katie

“Absolutely LOVE this. It is delicious all ways that I tried this. So versatile. Adds so much good flavor to a protein drink or smoothie.

And healthy too. Smells good. So nice to have something healthy that tastes so delicious. A real treat.” Patti

“I like the idea of using it as a mix-in for green tea.” Michelle

“Perfect balance of spice. It’s a great way to add variety to my usual Sencha green tea powder.” Patricia

“I can enjoy using it in the PM when most caffeine Chais wouldn’t be optional for me. The flavor and scent are wonderful—fresh, warm, soothing!” Heidi

“We drank this with warmed milk and honey. ¼ tsp. was just right for a cup. Milk + this is the best way to go.” Destiny


I describe the flavor of HappyHeart™ Chai as:

“A crisp fall day by a bonfire” Ashlee

“Flowery, fresh, sweet impression” Fred

“Warm with a hint of a kick!” Melinda

“Spicy without heat” Crystal

“Warming + festive” Heather

“Nutty and full of flavor without any added unwanted ingredients. Perfectly balanced.” Patricia

“Home!” Destiny


When I’d enjoy HappyHeart™ Chai:

“Perfect when I want to avoid snacking, or when I want a warming mug of deliciousness in the evening.” Heidi

“Great to relax in the evening and to warm up in the morning.” Rosemary

“I’d use this product when making green tea for others.” Julie

“Great for anyone who loves chai and anyone who wants benefits of green tea but doesn’t love the taste.” Sharon

“Great when craving something comforting instead of less healthy Chai options with sweeteners.” Christina

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