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Japanese Oolong Tea


Full-bodied, malty & brisk

Round and sweet with a hint of a floral note

75% oxidized tea leaf

Grown in Kagoshima, Japan


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Ingredient: Oolong Tea from Japan

Full-bodied, malty & brisk yet round & sweet with a hint of floral note: This unique tea is skilfully made by an experienced Japanese tea maker using 75% oxidized tea leaf, offering you the best qualities from Oolong Tea and Black Tea.

Oolong tea and Black Tea both use oxidized (or fermented) tea leaves. When the tea leaf is half oxidized, it is called oolong tea and when the tea leaf is fully oxidized, it is called black tea. The extent of oxidation creates the character of the tea.

Brewing instructions: Brew 1 rounded tsp. (about 3g) with boiling hot water (212 F) for 1-3 minutes, depending on the strength you like.

To make iced tea, pour it over ice and enjoy. Or, put 1 Tbsp. leaf in 3 cup room temp. water and let it steep for 3 hours–enjoy the fruity aroma and flavor.

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