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Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Matcha Ginger, Organic – 90g

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*Authentic Japanese Matcha with real ginger

*Pungent, Zesty Ginger adds a Lively Tone to the Earthiness of Matcha

*Drink Hot or Cold

*More Antioxidants than steeped tea

*More L-Theanine (a natural relaxant)

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Ingredients:  Organic Genmaicha Powder (organic sencha green tea powder, toasted organic brown rice powder), Organic Ginger Powder, Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder


Hot:  Mix 1/2 tsp powder with 6 to 8 oz of water (150-175º F); stir well.

Iced:  For instructions on how to make a delicious cold brew click here.

Net Weight: 90g/3.2 oz (Makes about 45 – 8 oz cups)

Storage: Packaged in a resealable pouch.  After use reseal pouch getting out as much air as possible storing in a cool dry place away from any direct sunlight.  For more information on storage click here.

Fantastic as a stand alone matcha product, it also incorporates well into a multitude of foods and beverages.  With the wealth of potential pairings, this is a tea that has something for everyone. Overall,  this is a very accessible and versatile matcha-genmaicha; and the ginger is an obvious and welcome pairing that offers a satisfying sip full of flavor and vitality. 


This ginger matcha is uniquely bright, and a little warm; a welcome lift to this earthy matcha-genmaicha blend.  The toasty, nutty notes of the genmaicha powder are a perfect companion to the more robust and lightly-spicy ginger.  

This absolutely delicious and ingenious combination is a match made in heaven. 


Out of the bag matcha ginger is a soft jade green color.  When brewed it is earthy green.


An excellent choice if you’re sensitive to caffeine, the tannins in typical tea, or even just have an easily upset GI system when you drink tea on an empty stomach. Both the ginger and the toasted brown rice will provide a sort of cushion to the digestive system, Ginger can also ease nausea; even the kind from vertigo or frequent dizzy spells that can be caused by a variety of medical conditions. The naturally occurring L-theanine allows for a calm, focused sense of energy, and the antioxidants contained in Matcha ensure each sip delivers a healthful, tasty experience. 


Fantastic as a stand alone matcha product, it also incorporates well into a multitude of foods and beverages.  With the wealth of potential pairings, this is a tea that has something for everyone. It tastes incredible when made into a sauce and served with rice, quinoa, and other grains, this matcha also makes a  perfect pairing with seafood or sushi; and adds complex, toasty notes to grilled vegetables.  The earthy sweetness and underlying heat is an easy match with many of your favorite food and beverage options. Mixed with coconut oil and a little himalayan salt, it takes your evening popcorn bowl to healthy and savory new heights.  The possibilities are endless. 

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1 review for Matcha Ginger, Organic – 90g

  1. Grace Kerr

    This is an enlivening and relaxing tea. I love the taste of the matcha plus the ginger. Just what I had been looking for. It’s so easy to make. I put a teaspoon of it in a mason jar with water. I drink it hot or cold. I originally found this at the local co-op in a small jar, but it didn’t even last me a week! I wanted to buy a much larger amount, so ordered it by the bag directly from the maker. It arrived promptly. I have enjoyed the educational Sei Mee e-newsletter, too. I didn’t know much about green tea (except that my health practitioner recommended it).

    • Kiyomi

      Dear Grace, Thank you so much for your wonderful review! Glad you found this tea enlivening and relaxing as well as convenient. Glad your health practitioner recommended this product to you!

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