Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


MATCHA green tea for modern warriors, Organic – 1LB


*Bright green color

*Creamy Texture

*Smooth, Soothing Flavor

*A Hint of Bright Citrus Acidity with Freshness

*”Calm Alertness”

*Provides Energy without Caffeine Jitters

*Enjoy its versatility from a cup of tea to cooking


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I received my order for SEI MEE Matcha green tea yesterday. I am drinking my first cup that I scooped from the beautiful container in which you package it; it is delicious! And when I read in the materials you provided, about all the health benefits I receive from drinking it, I am very happy to have begun doing so.  Thank you for providing this fine tea product! I wish you the very best in the year ahead.   ~Tom, January 2021

Ingredient: Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder


Hot:  Mix 1/2 tsp powder with 6 to 8 oz of water, hot (150 – 175° F) or cold; stir well.  Use a ceremonial bamboo whisk or a frother to froth it up–experience the silkiness of tiny green bubbles complimenting the earthy freshness of MATCHA.

Iced:  For instructions on how to make a delicious cold brew click here

Net Weight: 1 lb/453.5g packaged in 4”x 6”x 8” moisture barrier foil bag

Storage: Packed in a black matte airtight tin (3.25″ x 3″).  Store in a cool dry place away from any direct sunlight.  For more information on storage click hereContainer: The tin is composed of BPA free tinplate. This container is intended to be put in contact with any food products and is made of materials that comply with the FDA Regulations.


This is a high-quality, pure and authentic, drinking and culinary-grade matcha powder. Crafted from shade-grown green tea leaves sourced from Shizuoka, Japan. This is satisfying, everyday matcha with much to offer, catering to both the traditionalist and the bold experimenter who is looking for new ways to incorporate flavorful, healthy components into their diet.


Fresh and alive with a pleasant complexity of grassy, vegetal notes, and notes of roasted edamame, warm grain, and cashews. This selection presents a wealth of culinary opportunities for the matcha lover. 

Proper brewing methods (attention to maintaining the correct temperature, and the use of filtered or spring water) bring out the fullest potential of the fresh, organic qualities. 

Enjoying its natural flavors unadulterated is both a reward and a journey, transporting the tea drinker on fresh sea breezes to the lush fields of Shizuoka, Japan. 

The silky mouthfeel of the powder satisfies sophisticated palates looking for a well-rounded sip.  


The scent out of the bag is earthy and warm. The color is a mellow jade.  When made into a cup of warm tea, a sweet scent ushers forth from the cup, carrying with it natural elements that are cozy and relaxing.


Although it stands alone as quality matcha, the fresh, natural flavors are perfectly at home paired with an incredible array of your favorite flavors and foods.  

  • Complemented with fresh or powdered ginger for a healthful bit of added zing, the grassy notes become emboldened, brightening the cup and rendering a subtle sweetness. 
  • A complex, refreshing, sweet & sour drink can be made by mixing with lemonade or sweetened lime juice. Adding more vitamin C is also great for boosting matcha’s antioxidant activity.  
  • Add in your favorite dairy or plant milk for an iced – or hot – latte with a full, rich flavor and velvety texture. 
  • Tossed in a tumbler with coconut water and/or coconut milk and a little sweetener. It whisks you away to a warm, sandy beach for an on-the-go, tropical, matcha experience.


Bearing the economy of this quality powder in mind, you can feel free to add a large scoop of it to your superfood meals with its multifold health-giving benefits. Or, turn classic dishes upside down with new flavors and healthful properties that will surprise you and those you share with.  A complexity adds a new sense of dimension and vitality.

This matcha begs to be baked into scrumptious, sophisticated versions of classic treats like protein bars, energy bites, tea cakes, cookies and puddings. 

The sweet, organic notes marry perfectly with smoothies and offer much-needed variety to the often one-dimensional, over-sweetness of traditional, blended ingredients. 

Matcha’s ability to either take the lead or play gracious unintrusive host is a quality not found in other beverages. Enjoy experiments adding to the value of nature’s green gift. 


MATCHA ~ Green Tea for Modern Warriors ~ is both delectable and practical, providing sustainable, focused energy without the jitters. Enjoy MATCHA and boost your energy without the irritability and energy-crash which you experience from coffee. This practical, grounded sense of energy is derived from the good balance of caffeine and L-theanine, a natural stimulant and a natural relaxant.

This sustainable energy makes MATCHA an ideal drink to enjoy before a workout as MATCHA will aid in endurance. MATCHA also makes a refreshing post-exercise drink to help restore vital nutrients and replenish energy. 


There are many reasons to enjoy this fine matcha. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that MATCHA brings to the table become a sweet reward for anyone, no matter what their culinary skill is. Try MATCHA and discover its wonder of health and wellness. MATCHA is the essence of a journey that ends with the discovery of another journey, compelling you to put one foot in front of the other and to strive for vitality. 

More Testimonials/Reviews:

Thank you! I received my order today and am thrilled with your product. I’ll be sharing it with family this year for Christmas and loved the inserts and catalog to be able to share with them too. Merry Christmas and wishing you well into the new year.  ~Lisa, December 2020


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