* Ninsei Utsushi Tea Bowl

* Lively cherry blossoms of a bright day in spring

* Product of Japan


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Product Description

The design and style used for this festive tea bowl is called “Ninsei (nyn-say) Utsushi (oo’ts-she)” in Japanese, which means “Ninsei Style.”

Ninsei Nonomura is the father of “Kyo-yaki (kyo-yah-key)”, or Kyoto pottery. “Wabi (wah-be)-sabi (sah-be)” is Japanese traditional aethetics, which admires simplicity, imperfection, volatility, and incompletion. Ninsei developed a style of ceramics known as “Kirei (key-ray)-sabi (sah-be),” which means “polished elegance.”

The Japanese tea ceremony represents four values: harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. Choosing tools that show its season is one way for the host to bring “harmony with nature” to the ceremony. “Ninsei Utsushi” tea bowls are known for an elegant pattern to illustrate the natural beauty of a specific season.

This tea bowl is showcasing lively cherry blossoms on a bright day in spring.

Packaged in a gift box.

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Product of Japan

Handling Instructions

Before first use: Soak tea bowl in warm plain water long enough so that the tea bowl will absorb water. Do not add soap for this process. This process prevents tea stain when using the bowl.

Cleaning instructions: Handwash gently with mild soap.

Not for microwave, stovetop, or oven.

Avoid sudden temperature change.


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