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Fukamushi Sencha, Organic


*Fresh Fukamushi Sencha 

*Fukamushi (foo-kah-moo-she) is “deeply steamed” in Japanese.  

*Beautiful, glossy deep green

*Complex, nutty and vegetal

*Longer steeming process created signature small particles

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Ingredient: Organic Sencha Green Tea from Japan


Hot:  Steep 1 to 2 tsp of leaves per 8 ounces water (175° F) for 2 minutes.

Iced:  For instructions on how to make a delicious cold brew click here.

Net Weight: 100g/3.5 oz (Makes about 50 – 8 oz cups)

Storage: After use, reseal the bag squeezing out as much air as possible. Store at a cool dry place, away from any direct sunlight. For more information on storage click here.

This full bodied, complex Sencha delivers a true tea lover’s experience,  and is a testament to the care taken in its cultivation and production.  A must for any green tea lover’s collection. 


It’s deeply vegetal, with notes of cooked green beans, spinach, edamame, buttered garbanzo beans, and a lingering nuttiness. It is a truly satisfying cup of tea with a rich well of delicious flavors. A second brewing proves just as sumptuous as the first, offering a deeply savory umami throughout the entirety of the sip; expressing deeper, buttered bean-like notes, and a light saltiness reminiscent of seagrass. 


The aroma once the pouch is opened is a dewy, buttery, delight; and the leaves present a deep, brilliant, dark green. You can see the quality and care that was taken in processing this lovely tea in its vivid color and the uniformity of its leaves; not to mention that amazing fragrance enticing you to hurry and get your water heated so you can experience its wonderment.


The color once brewed is a vibrant, clear shade of deep lime green, with flecks of the health-boosting sencha leaves retained in the liquid.


The presence of antioxidants such as EGCG makes this a powerful wellness tool, and the naturally occurring L-theanine provides a focused balance to the moderate amount of caffeine. That makes this Sencha a perfect choice for clean energy without the jitters.  


Brie, Camembert, Blue or Cambozola Cheese, French Cuisine


This tea re-steeps beautifully multiple times depending on your brewing style, making it an excellent value at price per cup. Each resteeping results in a lighter and naturally sweeter cup with the nutty notes being more emphasized.  The variety of experiences these steepings offer adds to the value, and provides the tea lover with a sense of added dimension. Not to mention, the spent Sencha leaves are completely edible and are an easy, tasty, and healthful addition to rice and grain dishes. Consuming the flecks of sencha leaves allows you to reap more of its health benefits, much like consuming matcha powder. This makes it a truly versatile, zero waste product.

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1 review for Fukamushi Sencha, Organic

  1. Brian

    I really enjoy this tea. It’s a little different flavor than other sencha I have had, with a nice nutty flavor, and a little less of the grassy or bitterness taste.

    • Kiyomi

      Brian, Thank you for your great review! I’m glad you enjoy our Fukamushi Sencha. Nutty and less grassy flavor is the characteristics of quality “Fukamushi (deep steemed)” Sencha.The second brew of this tea offers you a totally different flavor–some people love the second brew more than the first brew. For first brew, use 160 to 170F water and steep for a few minutes. Try the second brew with 185F water for 10 secons or so, and savor the difference.

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