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Highest Grade Ceremonial Matcha, Organic – 20g

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*Organically grown in Uji (Kyoto), Japan

*Beautiful, intense jade green color

*Rich, velvety taste

*Smooth flavor with minimal astringency

*Higher level of L-theanine and Caffeine, and more Chlorophyll

*Sealed for freshness with pull top inner lid

*Enjoy the outstanding quality that tastes divine


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Ingredient:  Organic Matcha grown in Uji, Japan

Uji is pronounced “ooh-jee.”  Uji is a small area located in the southern part of Kyoto, Japan.  It is a quiet countryside rich in nature, and you will also find many historical temples and shrines nearby. Uji is also the birthplace of the Japanese green tea method, which was born in the 18th century.  Green tea made by the Japanese method became an instant hit when it was introduced in Kyoto, Japan, and the method spread nationwide.  Before then, green tea was made by the Chinese method. This Japanese method brings out more “Umami (pronounced ‘ooh-mah-mee’),” savory flavor, from green tea leaves.  Modern science also discovered the Japanese green tea method retains higher levels of natural components, such as EGCG, in tea leaves than the Chinese method. Grown at a single organic estate in Uji, which has been dedicated to growing organic green teas for more than 40 years, this Matcha is a masterpiece brought from the best of nature.

SEI MEE TEA proudly offers this sophisticated Uji Matcha to Matcha connoisseurs.  Great as a gift and also a wonderful treat for your special occasions. When you make a cup, savor the whole experience:  Be delighted by the vibrant aroma, beautiful bright jade green color, and silky smooth taste, which we call “serene elegance.” To enjoy Umami (ooh-mah-me), the savoriness this highest quality tea offers, use pure water at 150 to 175º F.

“Loved the blue-green jade color of the Matcha, the flavor was delectable, and I was indeed serene and harmonious–yet energetic!”

~Chick Russell, Executive Show Producer, Universal Creative, Orlando, FL

Preparation: Mix 1/2-1 tsp powder with 6 to 8 oz of pure water at 150 to 175° F.

Net Weight: 20g/0.7 oz

Regular Price: $24.95

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.  For more information on storage click here.

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1 review for Highest Grade Ceremonial Matcha, Organic – 20g

  1. Zaid

    Probably the best matcha quality I ever had. It has deep green color. very rich smell of umami.

    • Kiyomi

      Thank you for your wonderful review, Zaid! I’m so glad you are enjoying our matcha!

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