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Highest Grade Ceremonial Matcha, Organic – 20g

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*Organically grown in Uji (Kyoto), Japan

*Beautiful, intense jade green color

*Rich, velvety taste

*Smooth flavor with minimal astringency

*Higher level of L-theanine and Caffeine, and more Chlorophyll

*Sealed for freshness with pull top inner lid

*Enjoy the outstanding quality that tastes divine

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Loved the blue-green jade color of the Matcha, the flavor was delectable, and I was indeed serene and harmonious–yet energetic!”

~Chick Russell, Executive Show Producer, Universal Creative, Orlando, FL

Ingredient:  Organic Matcha grown in Uji, Japan

Preparation: Mix 1/2-1 tsp powder with 6 to 8 oz of pure water at 150 to 175° F.

Net Weight: 20g/0.7 oz

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.  For more information on storage click here.

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This premium ceremonial grade matcha is an excellent choice for spending time within the framework of a traditional matcha ceremony; utilizing the proper tools, paying attention to detail, and developing the skills, purpose, and mindfulness of the tea experience. 

This exceptional grade matcha is a must have for seasoned matcha lovers, or for those who have never experienced matcha. They need to experience the real matcha that brings all the beautiful qualities of genuine matcha: silky smooth texture, enlightening bright green color, sophisticated Umami, and energizing calmness. It offers you something more out of each cup at a tremendous value. It nourishes, satisfies, and delights the senses. 


The flavor once brewed in the traditional manner is utterly delightful; tasting sweetly of fresh, summer peas and leafy greens, steamed artichoke dipped in a browned butter, and a lightly sweet nuttiness; all delivered with a full, creamy mouthfeel. 


The aroma out of the tin is fresh and rich like warm, wet sand, salty seagrass on driftwood; with sweet, creamy, vegetal notes, whispering of promises to come. Additionally, the aroma is light, sweet, and almost fruity; with salty, umami wisps that tell a story of its beginnings. All together, this makes for an exquisite experience. 


The color of the matcha powder is stunning!   Springy and bright, it presents a kelly green that takes the sipper on a walk through a lush, wet forest. The texture is smooth and silky between the fingers. It bears all the signs of a matcha powder of superior quality. Once brewed, the color is a lovely,  silky, dark jade.  It froths up beautiful, foamy bubbles of umami rich flavor using either a Chawan and Chasen (Traditional Japanese drinking bowl and whisk) or a hand held frother; leaving no clumps, grit, or chalky residue behind. The experience is seamlessly rich and delectable. 


Rich in a broad array of polyphenols,  vitamins, and amino acids, this matcha is as valuable to health as it is delicious,  bringing the best of both worlds to your sipping experience. 


Havarti and Cambozola Cheese, French and Thai Cuisine


It can also be made as an iced matcha with or without add ins.  It shakes up nicely, again leaving no signs of chalkines or clumps behind. The cold temperature brings out a variety of flavors, like spring asparagus, sea vegetables, buttered sweet corn, and sweet, summer green beans.  It smells sweet and warm, with the slightest umami edge. Sipping it instantly brings to mind warm, summer days spent browsing through harvest markets. 

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1 review for Highest Grade Ceremonial Matcha, Organic – 20g

  1. Zaid

    Probably the best matcha quality I ever had. It has deep green color. very rich smell of umami.

    • Kiyomi

      Thank you for your wonderful review, Zaid! I’m so glad you are enjoying our matcha!

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