Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004




* Gyokuro made from Sae-midori cultivar, especially developed to make high-grade gyokuro

* Full-bodied & lovely umami

* Lingering aftertaste

* Bright green color reminiscent to fresh green muscat grapes–drink it cold in a champagne flute!

* Another masterpiece from renowned Sakamoto Tea Farm, Kagoshima, Japan

* Certified organic

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Ingredient: Organic Gyokuro

Gyokuro is pronounced “g-yo-koo-roh,” which means “jade dew” in Japanese. Gyokuro is a shade-grown tea (the same as Matcha), full of tender loving care, which increases the Umami or rich and savory flavor. Gyokuro is a wonderful selection for your morning cup or early afternoon pick-me-up because it offers a higher amount of Caffeine and L-theanine (a natural relaxant). We call this Gyokuro “Tea Master”, as this is grown by the renowned Tea Master, Mr. Sakamoto, at Sakamoto Tea Farm in Kagoshima, Japan. Mr. Sakamoto reduced the size of his tea farm half years ago so that he could produce the Gyokuro with the highest level of Umami using a 100% organic method. Mr. Sakamoto uses only the first harvest to make this organic Gyokuro “Tea Master.” Try the finest Japanese green teas.

Preparation: Use 1 tsp. per 8 oz of water of 140 – 160° F.  Steep for 1-2 minutes. For the second & third brews, use 175-185° F water and steep for 10 seconds.

Cold-brew preparation: Use a heaping 1 tsp. per 8 oz water. Steep tea into the fridge for 30 minutes or longer. So refreshing and energizing–try it!

Net Weight: 50g/1.8oz

Storage: Packaged in a resealable pouch.  Reseal the pouch after getting out as much air as possible. Store in a cool dry place away from any direct sunlight.  For more information on storage click here.

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