Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


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Consumer Reports just issued a list of “15 supplements to avoid*,” and green tea “EXTRACT” is one of them. Green tea has stood test of time as a “healthy” beverage and science has been discovering the supporting data. However, when “the goodness” is isolated from the whole, “angel” becomes “devil,” especially because there is no regulation on ‘green tea extract.’

Every year, new “high tech functional foods” emerge in the health food market. Does a single nutrition isolated from a whole food with “cutting edge” technology enhance the efficacy of the nutrition?

To the contrary, more and more people are aware that holistic approaches to health make more sense to enhance our wellness, because we are a whole organic existence intertwined in every level, not a collection of isolated parts.

SEI MEE TEA offers only whole tea leaves, either in natural leaf or powder form. NO Extracts!

Holistic approach brings a form of healing that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

Why don’t we take a moment and make a cup of tea–enjoy the whole process–smell, feel, hear, and see what you are tasting. Try a new tea, enjoy the discovery process, and incorporate your new fave in your life.

*reference: consumer reports

Types of Green Tea

Green Tea is becoming more and more familiar to American folks! It is very exciting for me. When I read the title of an article, “Types of green tea,” I was anxious to find out what the author was introducing to the audience, thinking “the market is ready to dig into the real green tea world!” Then, I found the types were “bottled, ” “loose leaf,” and “tea bag.” When you want to explore different types of chocolate, do you think the “types” are a candy bar wrapped in silver foil paper, or a small bite size individually wrapped and packed in a economical size bag? Hardly a profound exploration!

“Tea” as a term is like “Wine.” Green tea has many varieties just as white wine has many varieties, such as Pinot gris, Chardonnay, Riesling, etc.

While the other tea companies make their green tea products using the “most cost effective” green tea leaves–like a generic “table wine,” SEI MEE TEA would like to introduce you to the deeper world of green tea so a cup of “green tea” will bring more joy into your everyday life.

It is our hope that exploring SEI MEE TEA will enrich your life.

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