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I have been regularly recommending the SEI MEE TEA® products to many of my patients. Many patients report back how much they like the products and appreciate their reasonable prices, especially compared to what’s out there.

Chad Aschtgen, ND, FABNO Seattle Integrative Oncology at Institute of Complementary Medicine, Seattle, WA

The Best-Tasting Japanese Green Tea for Sale

Green tea, like black and oolong tea, comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Because it goes through the least amount of processing of the three teas, it has the highest antioxidant and nutrient concentrations and, therefore, the most health benefits.

SEI MEE TEA® is the best place to buy organic green tea online. We directly work with organic tea farms in Japan and dedicate ourselves to providing people everywhere with high-quality organic tea. We diligently research scientific studies on green tea and devote ourselves to educating our customers on the immense benefits that come with consuming green tea. Our products have been doctor-tested and -approved for over 16 years!

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Types of Green Tea

At SEI MEE TEA®, we’re strong advocates of organic Japanese green tea, and we sell it in loose leaf and powdered forms. Loose-leaf tea is likely the variety that you are most familiar with. It comes packaged loose so you can decide on the strength of your brew before you steep it.

Our powdered green tea goes one step further. The leaves are ground into a fine powder, allowing you to consume them completely — along with all their antioxidants — in tea, smoothies, baked goods and other forms.

It’s our belief that food is medicine, and green tea is one of the very best foods anyone can have. Green tea is an umbrella term for a wide variety of teas, all with distinct antioxidant profiles and advantages to your well-being. Let’s explore some of the best green teas for your health.


Recently, matcha green tea has gained popularity in the West due to its distinctive flavor and color as well as its antioxidant health benefits. Because it’s grown in the shade, it has a lower level of catechins and a higher concentration of caffeine than other green teas. That makes it a great substitution for your morning coffee.


Sencha powder is similar to matcha, but it has less caffeine and more antioxidants when it compares gram for gram. This makes it more accessible to people who want to drink quality green tea more often for their health without getting too much caffeine.


Genmaicha is colloquially referred to as “brown rice tea” or “popcorn tea” due to its mixture of green tea and roasted brown rice, which sometimes takes on the appearance of popcorn. It boasts properties that are particularly helpful for preventing cancer, lowering blood pressure and maintaining heart health. Some people mix this tea with matcha for a super-charged drink with double the benefits.


Gyokuro is another shade-grown tea. It’s considered a premium type of tea due to its stringent harvesting requirements. Gyokuro tea is known for its benefits of preventing cancer, increasing alertness and aiding in weight loss.


Unlike most green teas, Hojicha leaves go through a roasting process after they’re steamed. The result is a low-caffeine tea with a delicious nutty, toasted flavor. This tea can provide a broad range of benefits, as its leaves come from all types of green tea before being roasted into Hojicha.

Karigane or Kukicha

Sometimes referred to as “twig tea,” kukicha green tea is unique in that it incorporates the stalks, stems and twigs of the leaves. This approach gives it a fresh, distinctive flavor. Karigane is made with stems of Gyokuro, shade-grown tea, which adds a boost of theanine, an amino acid that aids in cognitive function and stress relief.

Adaptogenic Tea

Adaptogens are a group of plants that are thought to increase the body’s resistance to stress, whether it’s chemical, biological or physical. They’re most effective in powder form made with whole herbs. You can mix our adaptogenic tea products with any of our powdered teas for additional benefits.

The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

However you prefer to drink your green tea, the benefits are compelling. The more you drink, the more you gain from this powerful plant. The main antioxidants found in green tea are catechins. Catechins are immensely powerful in providing our bodies with the healthy nutrients they need to fight off a range of diseases, including many kinds of cancers. We know this firsthand — in fact, it’s the reason we started SEI MEE TEA®.

Trusted Source for Tea for Health

Purity matters for us because it matters for your health. Tea is the simplest, easiest, yet most powerful food to add to your diet to improve your health. However, not all teas on the market are pure and truly good for you. Our mission is to offer pure teas along with information in depth so that you can make a smart decision to choose the best tea for you.

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The SEI MEE TEA Difference

At SEI MEE TEA®, tea is more than a passion — it’s our life. Our mission began back in 2001, when our founder, Kiyomi Koike, learned that her husband had been diagnosed with colon cancer. As a Japanese native, she knew about the restorative powers of green tea. She encouraged her husband to begin drinking 10 cups of green tea every day. However, he quickly realized it was not a sustainable option for him due to the crude “hay-like” taste he found unappealing.

Kiyomi started researching alternative ways of ingestion. What she discovered led her to develop SEI MEE TEA’s signature product, Organic Sencha Green Tea Powder, Edible Green®. By consuming the entire leaf in powder form, Kiyomi’s husband could get the most antioxidant benefits without the unpleasant, bitter taste of steeped low-quality green tea and the side effects of caffeine. 

Now, Kiyomi’s husband has been cancer-free for nearly two decades. The couple believes the Sencha powder tea was an essential tool for his recovery, as it provided him with the enhanced antioxidant power of powdered green tea and a powerful ritual for him to feel he is in control of his life.

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As a small business, we’re able to inspect every batch of our tea to ensure it fits our quality standards. We test our tea for lead, fluoride and radiation before packaging it. We are very strict about these standards because our health and the health of our customers are too important to ignore.

To get the best organic loose-leaf or powdered green teas for sale, browse the selection at SEI MEE TEA® today. If you have any questions about the processes our teas go through, the various teas we offer or anything else, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with a free presentation fully explaining the benefits of our products.

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