Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004



Spreading Hope 

Our Story

SEI MEE TEA®, a family business in rural Oregon, was created by its founder, Kiyomi Koike in 2004. As a cancer survivor’s wife, she decided to share her discoveries about green tea with American folks.

“My passionate green tea journey started when my husband, Bill, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2001. The diagnose came with only a 50% survival chance and that itself put me in anxiety. That was 3 months after I gave birth to our second child. My swinging hormone level did not help either. And then, my mother called me and shared their secret–they were hiding it from me until the baby was safely delivered. So, my mother told me my father was ill from cancer and his doctor told them he would live only for a few more months.

I had not seen my father for many years because he didn’t want to accept my international marriage. All of a sudden, the reality of losing important men in my life hit me. I was scared, confused, and depressed. One of my friends kindly invited me to stay with her probably because she thought it was dangerous to leave me alone. I remember I sat in her living room but felt like sitting in the complete darkness.

While my husband was in the hospital, I was alone with our son, who was almost 3 years old then, and our newborn daughter. My depression must have been obvious to this little boy too. One day, he was watching me sobbing with my tiny newborn in my arms. He quietly stood by me and gently patted my shoulders to comfort me. And he said with his gentle voice, “It’s O.K., Mommy; it’s O.K.” That’s when I decided to “do something” and move forward.”

The first thing Kiyomi did was this: she told Bill to drink 10 cups of freshly brewed green tea every day. She was born and grew up in Japan–it was a well-known fact that you need to drink 10 cups to get health benefits from brewed green tea. She bought tea bags at her local grocery store. Bill was not fond of the flavor of the brewed green tea, but he gave it a try for himself and for his family.

He managed to gulp 10 cups down the first and the second day. But on the third day, he stared into Kiyomi’s eyes and said, “I can’t drink this anymore—I’d rather die.”

That day Kiyomi started her intensive research for a better tea and a more efficient way of drinking green tea. She searched here in the U.S. and no luck. She talked to her friends and family in Japan. That was when SEI MEE TEA’s signature product, organic Sencha Green Tea Powder, Edible Green® was born.

This tea came into Kiyomi and Bill’s life like a beam of light of hope. Why? Because consuming the entire tea leaf in fine powder form is by far the most efficient way to enjoy green tea’s healthful value. And the powder tasted way better–not bitter. On top of that, you do not wait for a perfect steeping time!

Edible Green® is Sencha powder; it is easy to prepare—just mix with water, hot or cold. Many people asked if the powder was an “instant” tea. No, it was not an instant tea. Instant tea is made from brewed tea. Rather, it was 100% organic pure green tea leaf ground into a fine powder.

She kept studying about green tea. And she learned Sencha powder is even better than Matcha for cancer patients because Sencha powder has more antioxidants and less caffeine than Matcha.

After one sip, Bill said, “I can drink this,” and he started to drink Edible Green® every day. When Bill told his oncologist about the green tea in 2002, he didn’t turn down the idea, but he was not enthusiastic at that time.  He just said, “It won’t do any harm. You can drink green tea if you want to.”

Later on, as Bill’s treatment went on and he was showing progress. Bill again explained to his oncologist about the green tea. His oncologist seemed interested this time.

Young Kana in Tea fieldAfter 5 years passed, his oncologist said to him, “I did a lot of research about green tea. You are clear—you don’t have to come back to see me anymore, but DON’T STOP DRINKING YOUR GREEN TEA!”

The left photo was taken during their first visit to an organic tea farm in Japan.  Kiyomi’s daughter was 5 then.  She is now 17 (picture below).  And her dad is still with her and her family!

Bill is now cancer-free for more than 19 years. Did Green Tea, Sencha Powder Tea, help him? Absolutely! The Sencha Powder Tea brought powerful antioxidants to his body. But also, with his decision to drink this green tea he regained the power of “control in life.” With the concentrated green tea in his hand, he was back in the driver’s seat of his life. 

Kana in tea field

Kiyomi’s desire blossomed. She did marketing researches by standing on a street and asking strangers questions, such as how they drink teas and why, and how often, etc. She realized how little people knew about tea and its benefits. Since then, she has been enjoying sharing her discoveries.

And she believes in the “emotional” side of this extraordinary powder. Sencha Green Tea Powder brought more than antioxidants. That is what Kiyomi would like to bring into your life. After seeing and hearing many of her customers’ amazing stories with SEI MEE TEA, Kiyomi made a decision to become a certified wellness coach. She earned her certificate in 2019. You are what you eat and…think. Who knew Green Tea could change Bill’s and Kiyomi’s life?

So, here’s Kiyomi’s message to you: “Green Tea made our life fuller. Come and join us!”



Survived & Thriving


Our Mission

Our Vision

SEI MEE TEA believes quality green tea is one of the simplest things people can incorporate in their everyday life to enhance their wellness.

When people find joy and excitement in using quality green tea, people eat healthier and feel happier.

Our Mission

To bring joy, excitement, and health with green tea, we do 3 things every day: 1. Offer quality products, 2. Provide information on how to choose the best tea for health, and 3. Provide information on how to use tea to enhance wellness.

Our Values

For us, green tea represents HOPE. It is important for us to offer the best and safest green tea to America, the home of our family.

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