Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Hojicha Powder, Organic – 100g

(2 customer reviews)


*Cozy Roasted Aroma

*Rich Amber Color

*Savory, Rich Flavor

*Less Caffeine than Matcha, due to the roasting process

*Real tea in 3 seconds

*Also known as ground hojicha

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I make a wonderful hojicha latte with this. Wonderful flavor. My husband requests it after dinner. I feel okay with him having one late since it’s lower caffeine than most caffeinated teas.  ~Jen, November 2018

Ingredient:  Organic Hojicha (roasted green tea) powder from Japan


Hot:  Mix 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. powder with 6 to 8 oz water of 195° F, and stir well. Use milk and sweetener of your choice, if you wish.

Iced:  For instructions on how to make a delicious cold brew click here.

Net Weight:  100g/3.5 oz. (up to 50 cups)

Storage:  Avoid exposure to sunlight, moisture, heat, and air. When you close pouch, gently squeeze out excess air to minimize the air left in pouch.

This organic Hojicha powder brings accessibility and flavor together for a special experience that is sure to satisfy.  It has something for everyone, and is a healthy way to have a great sip. Being so delicious and low in both caffeine and tannins, it makes for an experience that is easy on the tummy. Full of antioxidants and other healthy benefits – and being incredibly easy to prepare- this Hojicha is an amazing value. 


The flavor has similar notes to those of the aroma. It’s toasty, warm, and comforting; like nights lit in candlelight, sitting by a crackling fire.  The flavor is mineral-rich, with hints of the toastiest bits of dry bread, and a light, charcoal-y sweetness that hits the back of the tongue, bringing with it a full, rich mouthfeel.


The aroma out of the jar is warm, earthy, and woody; with notes of toasted grains. A pleasant change from many on the market that have an almost acrid smell, or are far more charred than roasted. Once prepared into a hot cup of tea, the aroma is strong with lovely, toasted notes; reminiscent of freshly-baked brown bread and light-roasted coffee beans, followed by sweet notes of warm toffee. 


This hojicha powder presents a uniformly deep tan in color, and is ground into a consistent, super-fine powder that feels silky to the touch; which makes a huge difference in the final quality of the product.


This aromatic tea, which has shown to increase alpha waves in the brain, is popular to accompany meals and snacks in Japan and is also served at Japanese food restaurants.


Whipped up as a latte with your choice of sweetener and milk, it takes on deep notes of creamy caramel, earthy lecuma, and toasted graham crackers. Great on its own or accompanied by your choice of sweetener to bring out delicate notes of burnt sugar and mesquite. The flavor is distinct, but very adaptable. It takes well to flavor additions like spice to make a Hojicha Masala Chai, or cacao nibs or powder for a healthy mood boost from your Mocha Hojicha.  Many tasty and healthy flavor combinations can be achieved, which will leave you wanting to experiment and experience.

Additional Testimonials/Reviews:

This is a fine-tasting tea and its powder form makes it very convenient to use. I love it!  ~Amazon Customer, March 2019

Product is really professional!  ~Hsunju, August 2018

It is very good for making sweets and drinking also.  ~Amazon Customer, June 2018

Very nice tea! I just really like this tea. It is comforting to know that the tea is all that I am getting with this product. No sweeteners! It is difficult to find beverage products that have no sweeteners.  ~Robert, December 2017

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2 reviews for Hojicha Powder, Organic – 100g

  1. matcha

    This is my favorite tea. Its cozy roasted aroma makes it a perfect tea to enjoy after dinner in the evening!

  2. rebeccadeleon4

    I have never had tea this delicious! And it makes me feel amazing! It instantly replaced my coffee and I have found myself wanting to drink less alcohol, and the only thing that’s changed is I began drinking this delicious tea. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    • Kiyomi

      Thank you so much for such an amazing testimonial! Glad you found this tea–to your productive & peaceful days!

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