Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


We offer organic blended teas for you if you are craving a unique, good-quality organic blended tea. These tea are all original, crafted to deliver a novel taste treat and goodness for your body and mind: “Morning Green Tea” (major ingredients: Fukamushi Sencha & Lemongrass), “Sweet Green Tea” (Kukicha & Lavender), and “Afternoon Green Tea” (Hojicha & Red Rose petals). We invited some friends and had a tea-tasting afternoon!

Our dear friends were a bit hesitant about blended ‘green tea’ at first. So, I also served our herbal teas: “Evening Garden Tea” (Chamomile & Calendula), and “Hibiscus Blood Orange Tea.” Can you guess their #1 favorite? It was Hojicha Red Rose tea!

They put the teas in the order they liked, which was a pleasant surprise to all of us, as the top 3 were all green tea blends. Click the link to discover more about each product:

#1 Afternoon Green Tea (Hojicha Red Rose)

#2 & 3 (tied) Sweet Green Tea (Kukicha & Lavender) & Morning Green Tea (Fukamushi Sencha & Lemongrass)

#4 Evening Garden Tea (Chamomile & Calendula)

#5 Hibiscus Blood Orange

The #1 favorite tea

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

We had such a fun time together. So, this year, we are suggesting that you give a “quality tea time” to your wonderful Mom for Mother’s Day. These original tea blends are all organic, delicious, and relaxing. The set also includes our popular Matcha truffles made with dark chocolate by Arrowhead Chocolate, an award-winning chocolatier, and Sencha exfoliating facial powder, made by Wild Carrot, renowned for its quality herbal skin care products. A set full of love and care to say, “I love you, Mom!” Click the below image to shop our special Mother’s Day tea gift set.

mother's day tea gift