Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Organic Matcha Single Serving Sticks


*Organic matcha

*Smooth and creamy

*Vibrant green energy and health

*Certified organic

*15 Convenient single-serving sticks of Cha Ka Matcha from Sakamoto Tea Farm

*Just tear open the stick–no scissors required


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Ingredient: Organic Gyokuro, shade-grown tea, also known as our CHA KA matcha from Sakamoto Tea Garden

Preparation: Use 1 stick powder per 8 oz of water of 120 – 140° F.  Whisk vigorously with a bamboo whisk or mixer.

Cold brew preparation: Empty powder from one stick per 8 oz water.

Net Weight: 1g/stick x 15 sticks

Regular Price: $20.95

Storage: Packaged in a resealable pouch.  Reseal pouch after getting out as much air as possible. Store in a cool dry place away from any direct sunlight.  For more information on storage click here.


This Matcha Cha ka is a premium grade Gyokuro powder crafted with the highest degree of attention to detail.

“Cha ka” means Tea Flower in Japanese; a fitting name to bestow upon this traditional, stone-milled matcha. A testament to the devoted efforts of 3rd generation Master tea grower, Mr. Sakamoto, is storied and elemental. For those who have primarily enjoyed other types and qualities of green tea, the flavors of a quality Gyokuro powder can come as an awakening. Read the story about Mr. Sakamoto here.

History of a great tea is rooted in the soil, and the grower; and when both are of superior character, new possibilities are born and new flavors are discovered, and – most importantly – enjoyed.

It is not hard to imagine the ocean winds blowing sweetly over the fields of Kyushu Island when enjoying this fresh, flavorful brew.

The “living soil ” perspective espoused by 3rd generation Tea Master, Mr. Sakamoto is reflected in the vital flavors that dominate this umami treasure. The elements of the land are at play in every note, and give freely to those who seek to discover the hidden qualities that- taken as a whole- beg for further discovery.

The tea is produced in the spirit of tradition, grown by way of techniques that have developed over generations of devoted tea masters. This Gyokuro matcha is the culmination of their efforts,  and carries the flavors for you to find satisfaction in.


The mouthfeel is creamy, and medium bodied.  The consistent processing provided by the grinding of the leaf with traditional, granite stone ensures the brew is luxurious and dissolves evenly. A host of rich, umami notes give way to undertones of beans and warm barley. A light sweetness adds dimension to the warmer, earthier qualities, alongside a faint, but welcome astringency. The texture and flavor both exhibit a sense of balance, while presenting a unique umami that is the result of the attention paid to soil building and skillful shading practices employed by the tea master, along with the unparalleled climate of Kagoshima.


The aroma out of the bag is fresh, with sweet, seagrass top notes, and hints of buttered artichokes and peas.


The powder itself has a lush, fern color, with the appearance of a soft velour. The vivid color of the raw powder is retained nicely when brewed, and it yields a complexity of flavors that reflect the remarkable attention paid to the tea during its growth and production.


For people seeking a healthier alternative to their current caffeinated beverage of choice, this is a great option. The antioxidant qualities of Gyokuro powder are exceptional, with high levels of EGCG and catechins. The vitamin and mineral-rich leaf used to produce the matcha powder results in a combination of flavors and nutrition that is one of a kind. The moderate amount of caffeine – paired with high levels of the naturally occurring relaxant L-theanine – allow for clear headed energy without the jitters and crash of traditional sources of caffeine.


This superb Gyokuro powder has qualities that make it ideal for both sipping and cooking, with ample opportunity for diverse pairings. For a simple way to get more out of your matcha, steamed rice can be topped with a vibrant, healthful sprinkle that compliments and elevates. The flavors pair very well with savory/umami foods and flavors such as seafood, mushrooms, soy sauce, and cheese. Many baked goods benefit from the addition of matcha powder both during baking, and to accentuate finished goods with a healthful splash of nutrition and color. Soups, sauces, and stews all offer pathways to experimentation.

For a beverage that travels well but tastes great, a simple, iced matcha latte can be a welcome hiatus from the norm. Additions like vanilla, chai spice, white chocolate, and pomegranate offer new and exciting flavor possibilities, and make finding more ways to enjoy this rewarding drink as easy as brewing your matcha. The choice of milk pairings with your matcha latte can help steer the flavors that emerge. The use of almond milk allows for the earthy, grainy warmth to shine through. A quality, dairy milk provides a solid foundation for sweeter, seaweed flavors to flourish. Any way you choose, this Gyokuro Matcha Powder has the potential to offer new experiences. The exceptional antioxidant and vitamin value – combined with the clearheaded boost and stamina provided – make this matcha a powerful choice to start your day with (or to get through the rest of it).

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