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Edible Green Tea Sencha Powder Water Process Decaffeinated – 90 cup Gift Tin

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*Refreshing aroma

*Light Green Color

*Smooth, Not Bitter

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Edible Green Sencha Green Tea Powder Decaf Testimonial/Review:

I bought this decaf Sencha for my husband, as he doesn’t do much caffeine. It is organic and of a very high quality! My husband, who does not drink tea usually, has commented how delicious the tea is. He just drinks it with hot water and a little sweetener, and loves it! I will definitely be buying this product again from Sei Mee Tea! Thank you!  ~JS, October 2017

Ingredient: Organic Sencha green tea, water process decaffeinated.

Caffeine amount in one serving:  less than 3 mg.

Edible Green Sencha Green Tea Powder Decaf–no tea bags, no teapot, no steeping time, and no nutrition is thrown away.  Sencha is Japanese green tea and grown under full sun, increasing the antioxidants.  You consume 100% of the natural, healthful components like catechin antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, dietary fibers, and theanine (relaxant), by consuming the whole Sencha leaf instantly.

We use organic sencha green tea to make this special tea. No pesticides, no fillers, and no GMO. The product does not show USDA organic seal because the facility of the decaf process is not certified.

Preparation: Mix 1/4 tsp. powder with 6 to 8 oz water, hot or cold.

Net Weight: 45g/1.6 oz (Makes about 90 – 6 to 8 oz cups)

Storage: Packaged in an air-tight tin with a smooth white matte finish.  (3.25″ x 3″). Tin is composed of BPA free tinplate. This container is intended to be put in contact with any food products and is made of materials which comply with the FDA Regulations.

Is Decaffeinated Green Tea Healthy?

Additional Testimonials/Reviews:

My husband and I are so happy we discovered your products via your interview on Chef AJ Live. The Edible Green Sencha powder doesn’t upset my stomach (like ALL other green tea products have in the past) and actually tastes wonderful! I’ve slowly incorporated the Roasted Brown Rice Powder into my husband’s “coffee” and he actually prefers the flavor.  We are very happy with both the products and the customer service and will continue to be loyal customers!  ~Jana, June 2021

You find the most wonderful information!  Thank you for sharing it.  Inasmuch as I’ll be getting my first vaccination next week, I wouldn’t think about going a day without my Sencha powder.  It is THE BEST!  ~Heidi, January 2021

My favorite is Edible Green decaffeinated Sencha tea.  I like how I am eating the tea leaf to get the full benefit, yet it isn’t bitter at all.  It’s a soothing cup of tea and I love the taste.  ~Laurie Kelley, September 2019

I was very happy to discover sei mee decaf green tea powder.  I love both the taste of green tea and its health benefits but am very sensitive to caffeine.  The taste of sei mee’s decaf green is delicious, not at all bitter as some green teas can be and I love that you are getting the whole leaf nutrition, nothing is wasted, nothing is thrown out.  I can’t say I am aware of any health changes as a result but in general, I try to get as many antioxidants as possible in my diet and know that this is an excellent source of those.  Finding a tea that was tested for purity was also very important to me.  I make a daily drink (at least once) of decaf green powder, ginger powder, organic coconut milk powder, and collagen, sometimes with some monk fruit or stevia in hot water.  I’m missing it when I don’t have it.  The one drawback for me is I wish the packaging was healthier than foil.  I wish the larger sizes came in a glass, as many matchas do.  ~Website Customer, August 2019

Fresh, tasty and loaded with a higher concentration of catechins vs most other green teas.  ~David, June 2019

This is my favorite sencha. It’s smooth and has a nice taste. It doesn’t leave any sediment (the powder that settles at the bottom of the cup) unlike a lot of other sencha I’ve tried. This is my go-to! I think it helps my hormonal acne too.  ~Bethany, April 2019

I used to consuming Stash and Bigelow decaf green tea but switched to this brand because it’s much more potent. Seems to have high levels of theanine, which makes you relaxed and concentrated, changes your brainwaves. Also, this tea is much smoother than other brands. You can go to the company’s site and see if there a store that sells this tea near you. Also, request your health store to carry it.  ~Amazon Customer, December 2018

This tea tastes great and is also good for fighting off a snack attack. It helps to quench your hunger. And for me, it’s important that it is truly decaf. I don’t get any shakes when I drink it.  ~Christine, October 2018

LOVE the decaf green tea!!!!! I have been buying and drinking it for years. It tastes great and I love the health benefits.  ~LT, October 2018

I received my Sei Mee Green Tea Powder (Edible Green Decaf) last Saturday and it is delightful, as always.
I have been using this powdered tea on and off for many years. However, I recently restarted enjoying it and it was as wonderful as I remember it.  Many thanks,  Leslie, July 2018

I absolutely loved the taste and quality of this product. I almost never write reviews, but in this case, I felt I needed the share my personal recommendation for this tea brand. The tea arrived well before the expected delivery date and the seller put together a lovely care package – filled with information about the tea. All in all 10/10 taste and 10/10 seller  
~Shiven, July 2018

Great tea. Smooth, not bitter like many green teas. Like that you can make it with hot or cold water. The only drawback is that you have to swirl it around before you drink, as the tea will settle in the bottom of your cup over time.  Amazon Customer, July 2018

I am hooked on this green tea powder. Not only does research support the use of green tea for health reasons, but this stuff is delicious.  ~Mary, April 2018

I usually purchase matcha for the taste and health benefits however matcha is high in caffeine and I came to an understanding that it doesn’t have the full catechin/health benefits as regular green tea. Matcha is high in anti-oxidants however it lacks many of the nutrients regular green tea gives you because it’s grown int he shade.
My sister has a history of fibroadenoma (non-cancerous breast tumors), and she’s always constantly scared that they might progress to in fact be cancerous so she’s always incorporating green tea into her diet and eating extremely healthy. When she gets stressed out her benign lumps start hurting. That’s when she goes straight for this. She will drink one cup of this (with 1/4 of a teaspoon mixed into water), and the pain of her lumps go away immediately and she can actually FEEL her body healing. We both really really like this brand, however, will try to find other decaf sencha’s if we can. Maybe other companies have decaf sencha that is more flavor-able but overall for health this is great.  ~Jamie, March 2018

Just ordered more decaf tea from this company. I have been buying it since 2013. Cut back for a while, but back using it again. I had a tumor in my ovaries that I could feel. It was a heaviness on one side and uncomfortable, and the doctors were monitoring it, but I have been taking this tea, and I don’t feel it anymore. I believe it is gone because of prayer, and taking this tea. Thanks for the Decaf powered green tea because I have not been able to find a product like this. I can’t do the caffeine, so I am thankful for this product on the website.  ~Diane, July 2017

I like this tea. Decaffeinated yet is full of nutrition. I don’t make tea to drink with it. I put it in my food.  ~Randy, October 2017

Great tea that’s full of antioxidants! Decaffeinated the safe way. DON’T BUY EDIBLES FROM CHINA! THEIR LAND IS POLLUTED WITH HIGH AMOUNTS OF CHROMIUM AND LEAD. IT’S NOT WORTH SAVING A FEW DOLLARS!  ~Amazon Customer, July 2017

I received my order after I sent you the email yesterday. Now I have “tested” the decaf green tea, and I’m here to say it is everything I hoped it would be, and more. I love it, and I want to congratulate Sei Mee Tea for creating an excellent-tasting product. Keep up the good work.  ~Wayne, April 2017

Very smooth. Great for that after supper or bedtime cup of tea. Will definitely purchase again.  ~Tresa, December 2016

Best green tea ever!  ~Beverly B., June 2016

Best green tea on the market. I also use Matcha, but this is organic and I trust the company which is almost like a little cottage company with owners who care about their product.  ~Ft. Lauderdale Customer, April 2016

Best non-toxic decaf available! Keep up the great work…please consider making available in bulk for non-commercial, non-Rx folks as I would drink more/buy more. Glad too that this is sourced from Japan as one just needs to look at the air pollution levels that are acceptable in China and how some of their practices (at least in dangerous dog food/dog treats) show a lack of concern about lead and other hazards in the environment. Tea leaves absorb toxins like lead so I only drink matcha from Japan. Will occasionally drink matcha sourced from China if 3rd party certified lead and mercury-free.  ~Neil, April 2016

This stuff is great. I am sensitive to caffeine so it provides the benefits of green tea without the caffeine. I put a little bit into my breakfast smoothie – adds a nice taste in addition to enhancing the nutrition.  ~Robert, January 2016

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) in 2009 and underwent chemo and two bone marrow transplants.  I had a real bad headache one day, and we passed a Jamba Juice and I ordered a green tea smoothie. I gulped it down in 2 – 3 drinks (like my body was craving this stuff) and my headache disappeared. So I started drinking green tea where I could find it. Then I found out about the caffeine. I can’t have it because the PICC line for Chemo scarred my heart valve, and now have a heart murmur. So I needed my green tea decaffeinated. So happy I found it. I drink it every day. Don’t drink coffee anymore, and am now cancer-free. I think the combination of chemo, etc, and drinking the green tea has helped to keep this MONSTER at bay.  Thank you for helping me have my tea every day to keep me healthy.
I love you guys for that  ~Lucy, January 2014

I just started using the Sei Mee Decaffeinated Green Tea, and I must say that I am very impressed. I have to do decaf because the caffinated tea makes my upper chest area hurt. I told the representative that I would know if it is not decaf by the effects on my body. I must say, no negative effects, and great taste. They have won my business for life. Wonderful product. I am so grateful I found this site because decaf is hard to find. Don’t ever stop selling it.  ~Diane, June 2012

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3 reviews for Edible Green Tea Sencha Powder Water Process Decaffeinated – 90 cup Gift Tin

  1. cx9lhwsbmv9g

    I was so happy to find a decaffeinated substituted for matcha! The product is of great quality, producing beautiful drinks that taste great. This is ideal for times I want a good drink but don’t want the caffeine. Now matcha with dinner is possible.
    The tin is attractive and reusable.

  2. sschlott

    I love this tea. I have never ever liked tea in the past. I know how important for my health drinking Green tea is, so I started looking for one and found this company. I love the way it mikes up with no clumps in my cup, the taste is amazing I drink from 4 to 5 cups a day now mixed with soy milk and a splash of lemon…YUM and to top it off it is Decaf!! I’m on my 3rd order and for sure not leaving this company!

    • Kiyomi

      Thank you for drinking Edible Green tea for your health!

  3. Brandy Milowsky

    So glad I found this decaf ground sencha. It mixes very well and tastes smooth. I make it as a soy latte sweetened with monk fruit. It’s become part of my morning routine

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